AS the old saying goes it started with a kiss... but this couple’s next chapter started with a round of golf !

In a slight departure from the norm, Andrew Shelley decided Mr Mulligans indoor crazy golf centre, Festival Leisure Park, in Basildon, was the perfect spot to ask his girlfriend Chelsea Wood to marry him.

Surrounding families and crowds cheered, whooped and applauded as he went on one knee and popped the question.

Of course Chelsea was delighted and threw her arms around the man she loves - and agreed.

Mr Shelley said: “We’ve been going through a bit of a tough time, we recently lost my mum but this feels like the right time.

“We are financially in a place to do this now and hope to marry at the end of this summer - so we don’t have much time to plan.”

The 30-year-old added: “We are thinking about having a reception at Mr Mulligans. There were a few people about so I was sweating a bit, and because it was a hot day too.

“Chelsea was so surprised and just threw her arms out and smiled.”

Chelsea, also 30, said she didn’t expect it at all as Andrew is shy, so a public proposal was a bit of a shock.

She said: “He kept acting a bit odd, and was holding my hand and telling me he loved me. It was quite nice when people cheers and clapped.

“I don’t really get embarrassed so just thought it was nice. We’ve had a bit of a tough time, so the wedding will be something nice to look forward to and it’ll be nice for the children too, we have eight children who keep us on our toes.”

Matthew Chambers, Centre Manager at Festival Leisure Park, said: “Firstly we’d love to send a massive congratulations to Chelsea and Andy from everyone here at Festival Leisure Park.

“During such uncertain times, the surprise proposal has really helped lift everyone – creating a real buzz among the park. We wish the happy couple the best of luck in the future, and we’re looking forward to welcoming them both back to the park.”