Three police officers were injured after being attacked while arresting two men.

The officers were hurt after attending an incident in Buckerills, in Pitsea, on Sunday night.

As the drama unfolded, 19 police cars were sent to the area as back up, promoting initial fears of a major incident.

Police were initially called after two people were seen acting suspiciously, before cash and suspected cannabis was found inside the vehicle.

Two men were arrested.

During the arrest, an officer reported being assaulted, calling colleagues using an emergency support alarm.

Crowds of police officers then arrived at the scene.

Kerry Smith, deputy leader of Basildon Council, described the incident as a “shocking attack on our blue light workers”.

A spokesman from Essex Police said: “An 18-year-old man, from Basildon, was arrested on suspicion with intent to supply class B drugs.

“A 27-year-old man, also from Basildon, was also arrested on suspicion with intent to supply class B drugs.

“The 27-year-old man was further arrested on suspicion of assaulting an emergency worker.

“Three officers were treated for their injuries, which were thankfully not considered serious and they remained on duty.”

Mr Smith added: “Anyone who assaults our blue light workers needs to have the book thrown at them.

“Most of the police resources would have been used by this.

“On the other hand, it does show police will move heaven and earth to deal with an incident.

“Certain areas of Pitsea have a serious crime problem. Why would anyone want to become a police officer if they’re not being protected?”