A SHOCKED dad caught his newborn baby with one hand as his wife gave birth in the bathroom before the ambulance crew could arrive.

Ricky Milligan managed to catch the now two-week-old baby Khaleesi after she “shot out” on August 29.

In a remarkable home birth, ambulance crews had left the couple’s Southend home only 15 minutes before partner Susie gave birth to Khaleesi, claiming she was not far enough along.

A different crew were on the phone to 42-year-old Ricky as the drama unfolded minutes later.

Dad Ricky said: “The ambulance arrived when she was having contractions but they said she wasn’t far enough along.

“Five minutes later and she knew something wasn’t right. She was up against the sink and she just shot out. I was on the phone to the ambulance in the other hand.

“It was all a blur. I just reacted before she hit the bathroom floor. The midwife told me how to cut the umbilical cord by using a shoelace.

“Every dad wants to be able to do that.”

Mum Susie spent the next four days in hospital as she experienced a high level of blood loss during the birth.

The 39-year-old said: “It’s been hard shielding all this time. It was really difficult not going out.

“I was trying to be so careful.”

The couple say they struggled during the lockdown - as they opted to shield while Susie was in the latter stages of pregnancy.

They continue to do so and their parents have not yet been able to hug their new grandchild.

Ricky, who lost his job as a cleaner during the lockdown, added: “I could put my family at risk if I start working around a lot of people again.

“The risk of children catching the virus is lower but Susie is with her everyday. Her grandparents have been round once she was born.

“They wore face masks and didn’t hug her. It’s not worth the risk.

“It was so awkward but the rules are the rules and we have to be so careful. The pregnancy and birth was amazing but it was so difficult not being able to out as usual.”