SOUTHEND United supporters are fearing for the future of the footballclub.

The Shrimpers are back in court on Wednesday after HMRC’s winding up order against the club was adjourned back in July.

But after last season’s relegation from League One and a transfer embargo due to the ongoing court case, Blues are also struggling on the pitch.

New boss Mark Molesley was forced to select the youngest matchday squad in the 114 year history of the club for Saturday’s 4-0 defeat against Football League newcomers Harrogate Town at Roots Hall.

And Craig Childs, who has been a keen Blues for 30 years, is among those worrying for his club.

“It’s heartbreaking to see what’s happening and I really do think we must have the worst reputation in the whole of the Football League now,” said Childs.

“We seem to be slipping further and further down and things are just getting worse really. We’ve had a lot of winding up orders in the past so I think everyone just assumes so they will always be sorted. But we haven’t heard at all from Ron Martin to say whether or not this one has and it’s really worrying.”

Molesley replaced Sol Campbell as Shrimpers boss last month but has been restricted in the transfer market so far. And another passionate fan, Steve Caton, feels that is having a huge knock on effect.

“The embargo is stopping progression on the pitch,” said Caton, who has been a fan for 25 years.

“Most of the experienced players have left and I am very worried that the club can survive. I don’t feel Ron can pay the debt and therefore signing players is a problem.”

Echosport has been contacted by hundreds of concerned fans.

But James Schooley, a Shrimpers supporter of 25 years, remains optimistic for the future.

“I genuinely believe the stadium will soon get planning permission followed by a cash injection,” said Schooley.

“But we have to get over the court case first and I’m concerned that unless the bill is paid and the embargo lifted, we will struggle to strengthen the squad and end up dropping out of the league.

“Long story short, medium and long term looks good once stadium plans approved, but need to keep our heads above water short-term before we can even think about that.”