A PATIENT fell off a sea wall and injured their ankle in Rochford.

The coastguard received a distress call from the partner of the patient, who had fallen down a sea wall into the marshy ground of the River Roach at low tide and had injured their ankle.

Southend Coastguard proceeded to the scene but had to gain access via Barling Hall Farm and a number of access gates and then searched the area as the first informant had provided sketchy information of their exact location.

A spokesman for the coastguard said: "A search of the banks of the River Roach working with Dover Coastguard, who were in touch with the casualty and their partner, but their mobile signal kept being lost.

"After a lengthy search the coastguard team were able to make contact directly with the casualty's partner and after further searching locate the casualty who were 3km, access wise, from Barling Hall Farm opposite Potton Island.

"We had already radioed ahead for support from the ambulance service.

"Once with the casualty the team performed initial casualty care whilst awaiting the arrival of the ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) Polaris from HART team, with the Southend Coastguard CRV also then went to pick up paramedics 3km away and bring them to the scene.

"The casualty was assessed by the team and then both East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust HART teams, paramedics and Southend Coastguard moved the casualty onto a evacuation stretcher and then up and over the sea wall and down into the ATV Polaris where they were then slowly driven back to Barling Hall Farm for transfer into the Ambulance for further treatment with Southend Coastguard following.

"We would like to thank Barling Hall Farm and Barling Hall Stables for their cooperation today and also for the assistance of our colleagues at East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust HART and paramedics teams.

"The team then returned to station for post incident debrief and prepared the vehicle and equipment for ops readiness again after a marathon seven hours end to end operation."