A HOMES company has assured residents construction work to create hundreds of new homes will cease going on late into the evening.

Weston Homes is building 217 new homes in Victoria Avenue, Southend; a project which began construction in October last year.

However, neighbouring residents raised concerns on Wednesday after crews were working up until 9pm with the cement mixer, causing distractions for some.

A spokesman for Weston Homes said: “Due to logistical issues related to the Covid-19 pandemic our frame and concrete contractor Henry Construction has had some supply issues relating to the delivery of concrete to the construction site on Victoria Avenue in Southend.

“This unfortunate supply backlog has resulted in Henry Construction having to work for a limited amount of time outside of normal business and site construction


“Since coming back to work on site post lockdown national government and the Southend Council have directed that construction sites are to be given special permission for construction works to operate from 7am to 9pm Monday to Saturdays in reflection of logistical issues related to the pandemic.

“So the contractor is complying fully with dispensation provided by national government and the authority.”

The spokesman added: “Weston Homes are fully sympathetic with local neighbours and indeed the on site team have been liaising with neighbours to explain the situation to them.

“Our contractor does not anticipate this out of hours work being an ongoing situation so future disturbance is anticipated to be minimal.”