AN “invisible barrier” will stop e-scooter users leaving Basildon town centre and wreaking havoc on major roads like the A127.

Electronic scanners will create a cordon around the town centre which means the hire scooters will automatically slow to a stop once they leave the area.

Spin, a US based company financially backed by Ford, are bidding to partner with Essex County Council to bring the e-scooters to the streets of Basildon.

The proposals will see workers encouraged to commute the last mile of their journey on e-scooters in a plan branded “scoot and ride”.

Echo: The e-scooters The e-scooters

Concerns had been raised over e-scooters being stolen or potentially being ridden on major roads, but bosses say an electronic ring around the town centre will prevent issues.

The scheme will target Basildon’s train stations and commuters.

Will Woodward, part of Spin’s team, told the Echo if they are chosen for the project, each scooter will be equipped with hand sanitiser. He said: “From what we’ve seen in Milton Keynes, there’s an average journey time of 12 minutes. This would be at a cost of £2.40.

“The hardware can restrict the speeds of the scooters. We’re looking at having slow zones in dense parts of the town centres.

“It would stop people pelting through.

“If we’re chosen, we would roll out in a phased approach. After the first month, there would be 100 scooters in Basildon.”

John Lippe, the director of city engagement at Ford Mobility, added: “Safety is our number one priority. We encourage users to bring their own helmets but it’s not mandatory.

“15mph is fast enough and you can keep up with cyclists and the flow of traffic. Spin will be providing safety training for those who don’t feel confident straightaway.”

Spin’s trial in Milton Keynes saw 10,000 rides have been logged in under four weeks.