A year seven pupil at a school in Shoebury has tested positive for coronavirus, bosses have confirmed.

The student, who attends Shoebury High School, was among those in the 28 children tutor bubble which were sent home as soon as staff were aware of the positive result.

Having already had contingency plans in place for such a situation, parents from all other of the five schools at the Southend East Community Academy Trust (SECAT) have all also been notified.

These include the following:

  • Bournes Green Infant School 
  • Bournes Green Junior School 
  • Hinguar Primary School 
  • Richmond Avenue Primary School 
  • Thorpedene Primary School

It comes as more than half of year 13 at Westcliff High School for Girls are now self-isolating, after eleven positive Covid cases were recorded.

Ruth Brock, chief executive officer of SECAT, said:  "It is correct to say that we have had a confirmed Covid case of a child in Year 7 at Shoebury High School.  

"We have planned for this contingency watching all of the changing regulations. It is a situation that has been foreseen and very well planned for.   

"As soon as we had notification, we implemented the contingency plans and moved into action sending home the year 7 tutor bubble of 28 children entirely as we had planned. 

"We have also notified parents of all of our children in our other five schools, so that they are aware of the developing situation.   

"Providing education for all of our children is our primary purpose and we will continue to do that in our usual way."