TOWIE has received 176 Ofcom complaints after viewers said they were left feeling 'uncomfortable' during Sunday's episode.

During the show, Olivia Attwood, 29, Nicole Bass, 28, and Clelia Theodorou, 25, were all accused of bullying 19-year-old Chloe Brockett.

The women started arguing when the group waded into a row between Chloe and Ella-Rae Wise, after she had slept with her former BFF's ex, Jack McDermott While the episode was airing many viewers took to Twitter to say express their concern about the trio's treatment of much younger cast mate Chloe B.

And now 176 people have lodged a complaint against the popular reality TV show since Sunday.

An Ofcom spokesperson told MailOnline: 'We are assessing these complaints against our broadcasting rules, but are yet to decide whether or not to investigate.'

While a TOWIE spokesperson said: 'Only Way Is Essex follows the real lives of our cast and as such we see their celebrations, make ups, break ups and disagreements.

'What you see on screen is based on the thoughts and opinions they choose to raise as part of telling their story. We have a robust support system in place to ensure the cast are supported before, during and after filming.'

During the row, insults were thrown by both Chloe and mainly Olivia as Yazmin Oukhellou watched awkwardly on the sidelines.

When Chloe asked Olivia why she called her a 'poisonous little creature', the former Love Island star replied: 'I thought you was vile and poisonous. You went at Clelia last year like a Jack Russell.

'I do feel a bit sorry for you, you haven't got any friends your own age, you're hanging around girls a lot older than you and you're angry. I don't know why you're so angry but you are.

'The thing is I thought the other day "maybe was what I said a little bit too harsh" but the way you've conducted yourself, I'm bang on.'

Chloe told her: 'All I'm saying is, when you called me a 'poisonous little creature', you don't know me'.

Olivia interrupted: 'I do know you, I know loads about you. I've seen the way you treated my friend.