LOCKDOWN has left us all with memories – good and bad – as the nation fought the coronavirus pandemic, but few of us have kept notes to make sure they are never forgotten.

Mum-of-three Angela Bailey’s The Secret Diary of a Lockdown Mum details how she survived lockdown as a busy parent.

And all the profits from the book will be handed over to the NHS in recognition of staff’s amazing work throughout the pandemic.

The mum said lots of parts of lockdown days make for funny reading such as the total of glasses of wine consumed and amount of times the children called out for mum.

She said: “The whole thing is satire of my life in lockdown, it’s still very hard at the moment and people don’t know what they’re doing. The book is there to give people a bit of humour about the situation and reach out to mums and people who feel alone. I think this is very important with what’s going on at the moment.

“School mums who I never talk to said they enjoyed the book and it made them laugh. It’s also about having more camaraderie and giving the royalties to the NHS and giving them support.

“I used lots of experiences for inspiration – there were some days it was driving me nuts. I found writing was a good emotional release.

“I decided it would be good to have it in a diary style like Bridget Jones by starting every entry with how many glasses of wine and how many times I get called mum - which is about 7,000 a day.”

She wrote about how annoying the family were and how she tried and sometimes struggled to cope with everything in lockdown.

The mum said it was about trying to “keep her glass half full whilst not getting liver damage” and she felt it was so important in such a serious time to bring humour and give back to the community.

Her mum Geraldine Evans ran the old Barge Inn, in Vange, and Ms Bailey is carrying on her torch and trying to raise the community up.

Ms Bailey, the daughter of Geraldine Evans who ran the old Barge Inn, in Vange, said: “My husband is a conspiracy theorist and kept trying to show me long videos and I would say I will never get this time back – we were on the verge of making hats from tin foil too.

“The feedback has been amazing and it was a bit difficult writing a book as it’s a leap into the unknown. I didn’t have issues getting inspiration even though most days were the same.”

The mum, who graduated from the Open University with a First Class degree in sport, fitness and coaching, added: “I would get out of bed, scream at the kids and go back to bed at the end of the day.”

She graduated from the Open University with a First Class degree in sport, fitness and coaching and was hoping for a new career.

There are entries with headings such as the NHS, the media, Black Lives Matter and conspiracy theories and she hopes parents of Essex and the UK can relate to what she was going through.

The Secret Diary of a Lockdown Mum is available in paper back for £8.99 on Amazon.