CAN anyone explain to me where Southend Council get this figure of 1,600 new homes for Queensway from as I see it they are merely replacing old stock?

There will be a few new homes but nowhere near the figure they are saying.

Quite frankly I see the whole project a complete and utter shambles, ill thought out and, to be frank, a complete mess.

To table a motion at a time when the country is facing a second wave of the virus seems a little underhanded to me.

The underpass is the lifeline in this town. It connects the seafront with the outside of the town.

Without it we will see traffic chaos. Traffic lights and roundabouts won’t be able to handle the amount of traffic we see every summer.

They need to go back to the drawing board on this one before it is too late or let us have a by-election before then. It will give Southend a chance to have a say.

KB Humphries

Archer Avenue, Southend


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