Students have tested positive for Covid-19 at a Southend school.

Two pupils at Southend High School for Boys have tested positive for the virus, headteacher Robin Bevan confirmed.

In a letter, which the Echo has seen, the headteacher has urged students and parents to adhere to the national guidance in and out of school hours.

This comes as sixth form students at the King John school were sent home today  after a student tested positive.

A staff member at the school also tested positive earlier this week.

Mr Bevan said: "You will all understand that we have expended considerable effort in implementing risk-reduction within the school setting.

"You will also now know that we have had two positive test results reported for students.

"It is increasingly clear that not all students, or possibly even parents, have fully registered the consequences of actions in breach of the national guidance.

"If any student has had social contact with a ‘positive case’, they must immediately self-isolate – the infection remains asymptomatic for several days during which time an infected individual is contagious.

"If any student has had such contact, even if they are feeling well: they must stay at home.