SUPERMARKET bosses have stepped up car park security after a group of yobs terrorised customers and ran riot outside a shop.

The security team at Lidl, based in Progress Road, Eastwood, has now increased patrols after Sunday’s incident, which saw six youngsters torment customers - including a man with learning disabilities

A witness, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “There was a group of about six young boys, a couple who were on scooters and bikes.

“They decided to try to terrorise customers outside, particularly goading a man with learning difficulties. They relentlessly called him over, laughed and teased him to try to get a reaction.

“One on them who was on a scooter rode in front of my car and tried to intimidate me.”

Councillor Paul Collins of the Eastwood Park ward, admitted this isn’t the first incident.

He said: “This is very distressing for residents, and it’s not the first time it’s happened- about a week ago there were reports of youngsters running around on scooters and causing problems in the evening. It’s deplorable really, and especially isn’t nice for the vulnerable when they’re trying to get shopping.

“I will be raising this with police to see if they can be in attendance around this sort of time.”

Deputy mayor Mark Flewitt, added: “It’s absolutely shocking to do this to anyone, but to do this to someone who you can visually see is vulnerable and perhaps more fearful is horrible.”

A Lidl spokesman, said: “The safety and wellbeing of our customers and our colleagues is of the upmost importance to us.

“Our team was made aware of an incident at our Progress Road store and measures have been put in place to prevent this from happening again in the future.”