A COUPLE who desperately long to be parents have spoken of their heartache after years of battling health conditions and failing IVF attempts

Charlene and Joe Wood, from Southend, have spent £10,000 on treatment as Charlene lives with conditions which doctors believe are stopping her from having a successful pregnancy.

The couple have suffered two miscarriages and are now pinning their hopes on overseas treatment – but are appealing for help to fund the procedures, which could cost up to £10,000 again.

Charlene said: “From my teenage years I have had complications and even the doctors and gynaecologist can’t get to the bottom of my body – I have been diagnosed with a rare love heart womb and polycystic ovary syndrome.

“I suffered from severe pains during sex and nothing is making me fall pregnant but due to my husband already having a child we can’t get IVF on the NHS.

“It’s very emotional for us both, especially when the IVF fails. It’s very hard and I cannot give up as I want a baby and know I will be a good mum.

“It breaks me and I don’t care if I get into debt but am scared about getting the money, but if people can help we will take them on our journey and keep them updated.

“I also want more people to understand about the condition and struggles. Joe gets very emotional and knows my pain.”

“Back in 2018 we decided to go to a private clinic in Essex and was recommended it as my body produces eggs so we could help someone else who can’t produce embryos and keep the cost down.

“We had counselling for this as it’s a very life changing experience and obviously nerve racking as you don’t know how many of your eggs make it.”

The pair went through IVF and were told by doctors it went well. But after nine days Charlene suffered a miscarriage.

She said it was an absolutely awful experience after injecting herself with medication every day for a month to help the pregnancy.

The couple felt devastated and after building up the courage for a year and half they decided to use their final frozen embryo.

Mrs Wood said: “It was time to take my test and this time I was pregnant, we were chuffed and over the moon as this had been on a hell of a long journey then as the day went on I knew something didn’t feel right.

“I had a miscarriage again, so now it is third time lucky. We have been recommended by a friend to try a clinic in London to get to the bottom of why we can’t conceive.”

The clinic is investigating whether Charlene may have “natural killer” cells and blood samples have been sent to Chicago for analysis.

She added: “We have to keep searching for answers with it costing us thousands so far, this time as it’s 100 percent IVF it will cost thousands and we have already spent £10,000 and not got far. This is our last hope to finally find out what my body is doing and fingers crossed I can get the correct medications and have a normal pregnancy.

“Please all the lovely people that have experienced this in some form of life will know what we are going through.

The couple have created an online funding page and say if anyone is touched by their journey they would appreciate any donations. To donate see www.gofundme.com/f/9968yp-ivf.