LAST week I was disgusted to see that Sir David Amess, representing Southend West, took a rare opportunity to ask a question at Prime Ministers Questions, only to shamelessly promote his new book about the inside story of Brexit.

With all that is going on at the present I find this self promotion so deeply offensive. He was not elected to promote himself but to work on behalf of and to represent the people or Southend West.

Now, in an astonishing display of censorship more akin to what we would expect to see in a dictatorship. He has demonstrated a complete lack of awareness of the issues that matter to the people of our town.

He has chosen to block the largest, well-respected and supported constituent-led campaign group, Save Southend NHS, from asking perfectly respectful and pertinent questions via his social media platform of choice, Twitter. It feels as though Sir David has gone out of his way to make himself unavailable to engage with some of his constituents.

Save Southend NHS are the local campaign group who are demanding a fair pay settlement for local NHS front line staff, particularly in light of the £3,000 that MPs have been awarded.

It appears that he prefers to live in a sanitised echo chamber only paying attention to those with whom he agrees. He doesn’t have any desire to engage with legitimate scrutiny from local people.

If you clapped for NHS and care workers this spring please contact your local MP and ask them to reconsider whether accepting this pay rise is an insult to our heroic nurses.


Roots Hall Drive, Southend


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