A SECONDARY school has announced it will be closed for three weeks due to overrunning building works.

The King Edmund School in Vaughan Close, Rochford, has shut its doors to all pupils until November 9.

Repairs to the front of the school were due to be completed in August but have overrun and forced bosses to set up temporary classrooms.

The building works have seen part of the school fenced off but contractors now need to expand the restricted areas to complete the repairs.

School headteacher Jonathan Osborn says this will make moving around school “far more difficult” and says the limited space will make it harder for students to social distance.

In a letter sent out to parents on Friday, Mr Osborn said: “It introduces ‘pinch points’ that, particularly in light of needing to promote distancing as students move around the school, makes it unfeasible to have all students on the school site at the same time, until we have put alternative or additional pathways in place.

“Further, new entry points to the school building will need to be constructed to aid safe movement and the one-way system in place will need to be reviewed and amended before it is reasonable for students to return to the school site.

“I am pleased to be able to let parents know, that the Department of Education and also Essex County Council have been very supportive of the school and have sourced accommodation for the school that will be installed over the coming two to three weeks.

“This amounts to 18 classroom spaces.”

Mr Osborn says some students may be able to return on November 2 – after the half-term break.

However, he says pupils in Years 11, 12 and 13 will be given priority.

Students will now be required to learn remotely as they did during the lockdown.

They will be required to log on at 7.55am each morning and follow their timetabled lessons online.

In his letter, Mr Osborn added: “I would like to assure parents that we are very frustrated that school is unable to continue as normal.

“Our view remains, even with the challenge of Covid and so forth, that life continuing as close to normal as possible is the best thing for students and families, with respect to their life chances but also their mental health and wellbeing.

“I am being this transparent because I would like there to be trust between home and school as that trust is foundational for students engaging with school and being successful.”

Anyone with concerns is asked to email adminoffice@kes.essex.sch.uk.