BASILDON councillors are expected to say a resounding “No” to a £50million “God-awful” plan for an incinerator in Pitsea.

Jack Ferguson, Labour councillor of the Pitsea North West ward, is leading a call to object to the plans ahead of a full council meeting on Thursday.

The Echo understands the plan will be formally opposed by Basildon Council, with a vote set to confirm this. All political parties are expected to back it.

The application has now been submitted to Essex County Council, but is not yet available for public viewing.

The incinerator, previously described by members as “God-awful”, has been planned for land off Archers Field in Pitsea, and could be installed within two years if approved.

Mr Ferguson’s motion to the council reads: “That this council formally objects to the proposals to build an additional Waste Plant in Archers Field in Pitsea North West. This council believes that the proposal has been poorly thought out and if approved would significantly harm the area for residents and businesses.”

Kerry Smith, deputy leader of Basildon Council, said: “I will be backing this.

“This discussion needs to be had. It’s really important to have this debate.

“It’s not just the ash. How will the heavy metals be transported away?

“If they want to incinerate, put it in a location away from everyone else where there isn’t a dense population.”

Councillors across the political spectrum united in May to voice their concerns.

Luke Mackenzie, Tory councillor of the Pitsea South East ward, added: “Of course I will be backing this.

“We need cross-party work on this, and we are willing to work with the council. There’s a strong feeling in Pitsea against the plans, 1,600 signed a petition.”