A HOMELESS man kicked and punched a woman to the floor after “her foot slipped onto him”, a court heard.

The trial of Wlodzimierz Martynow, charged with causing actual bodily harm to a woman in Southend, began in his absence at Basildon Crown Court yesterday,

The 45-year-old is alleged to have become angry when the woman’s foot slipped off her bed and onto him, and attacked her in a fit of rage.

Martynow denies the charge.

At court yesterday, Geoffrey Porter, prosecuting, told the jury that Martynow and the alleged victim had known each other for three years before the incident took place on September 14 last year.

The two had been homeless at the time, and had gone to a house in Southchurch Avenue, Southend after going to a soup kitchen in Clarence Road.

Mr Porter said: “They arrived there at about 8.25pm. She was on an air-bed and he was on the floor.

“At 11pm she moved on the air-bed and her leg slipped off and may have come into contact with the defendant.

“He acted aggressively, jumped up and started shouting.

“She got up and he kicked her in the abdomen and she fell back and hit her head against the wall.

“She got up again and the prosecution say he hit her in the face and she went to the ground again and lost consciousness.”

Mr Porter said Martynow then left the building and was recorded on CCTV at 11.12pm leaving the house and walking down the street.

He said: “About a minute and a half later CCTV in the hallway shows her leaving and can be seen on the street sitting down and lying against the wall, and made a 999 call to the ambulance service.”

Martynow was later arrested but allegedly refused to be interviewed by the police.

Mr Porter said the woman suffered cuts and bruising to her face following the attack.

He added: “There was no reason whatsoever, and he lost his temper and attacked.”

The jury also heard from the alleged victim.

She told the court: “He put his leg right up and kicked me backwards with his foot.

“I hit the wall. I couldn’t move myself at all as I was on the air-bed.

“I was frightened by this point of what he was going to do.

“We exchanged more blows and he punched me in the side of the face and I fell again.

“I did black out.

“I was very distressed. I got up, grabbed my bag and want out of the building and called an ambulance.”

The trial continues.