A GROUP of travellers are refusing to leave a park – despite being ordered to by the council.

The travellers at Gunners Park, Shoebury, have been there for around three weeks and have now been issued with a court order to leave the site.

Last week the council gave the travellers notice to leave.

Councillors and residents say it’s not good enough and the illegal camp must be cleared.

Conservative Group leader Tony Cox said if there was a ban or injunction they would be gone by now.

He added: “Residents have been getting in touch with me as the travellers are using generators and it’s causing intolerable noise.”

A resident said the council should be doing more to clear the camp from the park.

One angry father-of-one said: “The noise at night from generators and music is becoming intolerable.

“Their presence also deters tourists and dog walkers from the area and this is simply not good enough.

“As this is the second breach in a matter of weeks it seems the barriers need more than the current padlocks which can be easily broken. We shouldn’t have to put up with this over and over again – we need a permanent solution.”

Southend has battled with various illegal camps.

Last month business bosses claimed they could not open until a large group of travellers left the Kursaal site, after multiple reports of the group causing issues.

A mother-of-three said: “I can’t believe they’ve been there for so long. How can it take this long? Perhaps permanent sites need to be built for them.”

Martin Terry, cabinet member for community safety and customer contact, speaking yesterday, said: “A court order was issued by Basildon Magistrates Court this morning to vacate the site within 24 hours of the notice being served.

“The notice is due to be served this afternoon with support from Essex Police.”