The Countdown board is often subject to a cheeky word or two.

And the show's word and maths whizz Rachel Riley was one again left blushing on Monday as comedian Shappi Khorsandi, 47, came up with the word orgasmed.

The former Southend High School for Girls pupils and Strictly star, 34, stifled a giggle as Shappi gathered the word shortly after causing another ruckus with the word 'blowie'.

During her career on the Channel 4 series, Rachel's often had to stifle a giggle as a plethora of risqué words have cropped up throughout the game show.

Looking radiant in a red dress, she once again giggled on Monday, Last week, Rachel's face was a picture during Shappi's 'blowie' offering. She managed to keep her composure as she spelled out the cheeky word on the board.


Shappi appeared coy as she revealed her six-letter word as she insisted that it was the name of a fly. Her answer beat those of the contestants playing, who only managed five-letter words 'whale' and 'bowel'.

As host Nick Hewer, 76, asked for clarification on her word, Shappi supressed a giggle as she repeated it, once again explaining it was 'a kind of fly'.

Over in Dictionary Corner, Susie Dent, 55, confirmed Shappi's answer, explaining it was an informal name for a blowfly, while it was left to Rachel to put the letters on the board.

And while the term raised eyebrows in the studio, Rachel played it cool - though her face said a thousand words. Last year, Rachel was unable to hide her giggles after a cheeky contestant spelled out the word 'orgies' on the board.

The maths whizz, who has previously divulged her favourite explicit words to come up on the show, looked delighted with this latest addition.

The previous month, she was again left red-faced as she put the word 'orgasmic' up on the board and in July 2019 two contestants picked out the word 'w*****s'.