FRIDAY'S Echo reported on more worrying news for Southend Airport with Ryanair reducing its winter schedule of flights.

In these very challenging times with further social restrictions, the UK is facing economic meltdown and as yet unknown wellbeing issues, as a nation we need to be doing all we can to protect jobs.

Yet Jon Fuller announces that it would be “for the best to see the airport close”. In whose opinion is that?

I am totally amazed by this statement. Does he not realise or understand the impact this would have on the local economy?

Never mind the hundreds of jobs lost at the airport, what about those many thousands dependent on the economic value the airport contributes to the local areas.

Local shops, local suppliers, taxi drivers, the list of those impacted goes on and on and on, let’s not even think about the loss of business tax, rates and other ancillary costs the airport contributes to the local coffers.

What does Mr Fuller think will happen to the site if the airport were to close? A lovely green open space, I don’t think so!

The reality would be more homes without the related infrastructure.

So Mr Fuller, before you make any more glib statements please take a moment to think about what you are saying. Close the airport – I don’t think so.


Eastbridge Road, South Woodham Ferrers


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