POLICE are currently on the scene of a suspected hit-and-run at Aldi car park, in Benfleet, where it is claimed a mum and her children were hit by a driver who fled the scene.

The car park to the supermarket at Rushbottom Lane, has since been cordoned off.

Several police cars and officers, and an ambulance attending to the victim, are at the scene speaking to potential witnesses.

One witness, said: "A driver, two or three cars in front of my mum hit a double buggy knocking it over.

"All the toys from the pram were all over the floor and they just reversed and drove off.

"It's terrible. I was first on the scene to help the poor mother who was distraught.

"And the youngest child was being sick and had a red face. I hope to god she is okay."

The mother is believed to have been walking along near to the exit before her double buggy was hit.

Essex Police and the ambulance service has been contacted for comment.

More to follow