A FLOURISHING flower shop was involved in an international band’s “live music video” where thousands of its bouquets were used on set.

Owner of Courts of Rayleigh, Gillian Fautley, came to the rescue of her creative director, nephew, Tommy, who was working on the video for award-winning indie-rock band, Beabadoobee.

The vision for the video, was for the band to perform in a field full of flowers, but instead, Gillian, 40, transformed a huge stage into a 27sq ft flower bed where the band would perform the live stream.

Gillian told the Echo: “My nephew is director of film company and his concept and plan for the band’s video was this field of flowers.

“He knew I was a florist so he came to me and said what he wanted - which at first, was 40 sq metres of flowers. I said this was huge and would blow their budget.

“We narrowed it down to 27 sq metres which filled the whole stage, then set the band in. I planned it all with the other directors for three weeks so I was very much involved.”

On the day of filming, Gillian set up with her team, including two apprentices, who had heard of the band and were excited at the opportunity.

Gillian, added: “I have done big projects before, like weddings and events but never anything like this before.

“It was completely different working to set, and having to assess aesthetically, what looks good on camera and a lot of adjustments were made throughout the day.

“It was a really fun experience and a learning experience. The band loved it and we were really proud of it. It took around four hours to set up. My apprentices and the rest of the team did really well.

“It was a learning curve for them to, to aspire to the other world of floristry, it’s not just about standing and making bouquets.”

The band is fronted by lead singer, Beatrice Laus, who won Rising Star Award at the 2020 Brit Awards. The band were unable to do an album release for “fake it Flowers” so opted for a live stream.