OFFICERS are no longer looking for a suspect after a child was hurt falling from his buggy outside Aldi, in Benfleet.

The incident, which took place in the car park of Aldi, Rushbotton Lane, on saw several emergency services attend after witnesses believed a car had hit a mother's buggy with two children inside, before fleeing the scene.

However, an updated statement from Essex Police this morning, said: "We have reviewed footage and do not believe a car made contact with the buggy and therefore are not treating this as a collision.

"Therefore we are not looking for a driver in connection."

UPDATED: Police 'review' dash cam footage from incident and say no collision took place

Dash cam footage was obtained from a member of the public who was there at the time, which did not reveal a car clipping or hitting the pushchair.

The baby who fell from the pram was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure but is believed to be doing okay now.