I have just heard the devastating news that Simon Dobbin has sadly passed away following the assault upon him by the group of thugs hiding behind the so called pretence of being Southend United supporters.

His only crime had been to visit Roots Hall to support his team, Cambridge United, never knowing that what should have been an enjoyable day out was to cost, ultimately, his life.

The mindless thugs who attacked Simon were quite frankly a group of people who found their courage hiding behind the numbers of other people involved, cowards and mindless morons who have bought shame upon our town.

I feel sure that I am speaking for the majority of the people in Southend who, like myself, sincerely hope that one day they will have to answer for their despicable act.

To Simon’s family and the people of Cambridge, I would ask that they do not judge all of us by this terrible act that was committed by a group of mindless, brainless, drunk and cowardly so called human beings.

We do sincerely feel your grief.


Crowborough Road, Westcliff


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