SPEEDING drivers have been ordered to stop using a pair of roads “as a race track” as calls are stepped up for average speed cameras to crack down on the rowdy racers.

Police patrolling raised serious concerns after boy racers were seen driving at high speed on Eastern Avenue and Fossetts Way, Southend.

The patrols were in response to a catalogue of concerns about anti-social driving in the area, as well as years of problems.

In recent months, Tory councillors have called for average speed cameras to be installed on the stretch.

A spokesman for the Southend police said: “We have had reports of nuisance vehicles driving up and down Eastern Avenue and Fossetts Way at excessive speed.

“These roads are not a race track. This is not only a danger to other road users but a danger to themselves.

“As a result of these reports, our PCSOs have been stationary at certain points around these locations in order to deal with the issue accordingly.

“They were pleased to note that their presence had a positive impact on the roads and witnessed responsible driving.”

The issue of speeding along Eastern Avenue and other Southend roads has been an issue for some time.

In September, Tory councillors pressed Southend Council to install average speed cameras in Eastern Avenue between Hamstel Road and Sutton Road as a deterrent.

Dan Nelson, Tory councillor for Southchurch , said: “The work of this Conservative group is the idea of getting average speed cameras.

“So far, the talks have been positive. It’s time for the roads of Southend to stop being treated like race tracks and more like roads.

“The job of the police and council is to make these people’s lives difficult.If they are difficult, they won’t do it.”

Anyone with concerns about boy racers can contact police on 101.