ALCOHOL-free zones in Old Leigh will be considered by the council after more than 1,000 people backed a petition calling for tougher measures to be rolled out on the seafront.

It comes after a rise in yobs gathering for booze-fuelled parties in Old Leigh back in June, with revellers leaving huge amounts of waste behind them.

A consultation will now be held to see if a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) should be put in place, after resident Ronald Sverdloff started the petition.

The order, which prevents anti-social behaviour, would include the old town and access routes, including the Cinder Path from Chalkwell Station, Cockle Row from Leigh Station as well as routes from the north of the old town.

The council may also look at extending the existing Southend Town Centre and seafront PSPO - which bans aggressive begging, rogue charity collectors and heavy drinkers - to include Old Leigh.

Paul Gilson, chairman of Leigh Town Council, said: “There’s been lots of residents contacting me about the problem, it is quite unpleasant for them.

“For the people that live in the old town they’ve had to deal with anti-social behaviour, like drinking out of hours and litter. There are also only one set of toilets in the old town, so people have in the past used residents’ gardens or passageways to relieve themselves. Nobody is saying don’t have a good time, but there’s no need to take it to these extremes.

“Now it’s time to hear just what the people think.”

Controversially, the Southend ban can result in £100 fines to anyone found begging, pitching a tent or sleeping in a public space in a way that is “detrimental” to the public.

And although the latest ban in Leigh would put a stop to drinking alcohol in public areas, licensed premises will be exempt from the rule, if it’s given the green light.

Leigh Town Councillor Mike Wells, who represents the Elms ward, said: “I’d imagine the residents down in old town would like this.

“Of course I heard about the problems on the seafront over the summer, so it would be great if something can be done to stop this from happening again.”