A CYCLIST was accused by a gang of yobs of being a bike thief before they beat him to the floor in a vicious daylight attack - and rode off on his £400 pride and joy.

The 38-year-old, who doesn’t want to be named, heard shouting before the group pulled him off his bike, and started kicking and punching him in the head.

Now blue and bruised, the victim says his attackers have left him so nervous that he is keen to move away from Westcliff - despite moving to the area on the day of the assault.

The man - who has vowed to stop at nothing to get back his beloved bike and bring thugs to justice - says he only remembers hearing them shout “that’s my bike” before being dragged to the floor.

He will now have to wake up at 5.30am to walk to work after the attack.

He said: “I was robbed in broad daylight on London Road when I was riding home from work to my new place which I had literally moved into that day.

“I was on the phone as I was going past Londis, but I could hear in the background someone shouting ‘that’s my bike’. Before I knew it, they’d come up to me from behind me dragged me off and pulled me onto the floor, and constantly kicked and punched me in the head.

“Two of them took off with the bike while the other slowly walked back with his hand in his pocket as if to suggest he had a knife in there.

He continued: “I think they were waiting for an attack - even if they had their bike stolen, it doesn’t give them the right to do this.

“I bought the Carrera for £400 two-and-a-half years ago from Halfords, which the shop will have proof of purchase of, and use it to get around everywhere. I’m a chef at a Shoebury care home, and this was my only mode of transport.”

The attack happened at 3pm on Friday. Call police on 101.