A BENFLEET personal trainer has been getting creative to ensure his clients maintain their fitness levels despite gyms being closed for a second time due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Gyms were hit hard by the initial lockdown period, with them being forced to shut their doors for a number of months in a bid to halt the spread of Covid-19.

While fitness fanatics were able to return to the running machines and weight-training studios in July, a second lockdown period – which comes into force today – means gyms have been closed for a second sustained period.

But Kevin Johnson’s outdoor personal training sessions have proved to be a hit since long before the deadly virus first swept across the world.

Kevin’s Motiv-8 Bootcamp & Fitness business has helped numerous clients in what has been an incredibly tough year.


Still helping - Kevin Johnson (top left) used the wonders of modern technology to connect with his clients during the initial lockdown

Simon Foxen, who also hails from Benfleet, has regularly attended Kevin’s sessions since a chance meeting.

Simon, who owns Simon Foxen Barber Shop on Hart Road, Thundersley, said: “I have known Kevin for eight years, having first met him when he came to my barber shop. We hit it off straight away, talking about fitness and sport.

“Kevin mentioned starting a bootcamp as part of a fitness package for his business.

“Motiv-8 Bootcamp & Fitness has grown from me and five of Kevin’s clients four-and-a-half years ago to more than 20 people of all ages who attend bootcamps in the rain, snow, storms and scorching sun.


“Kevin hasn’t just developed a bootcamp. He has created a bootcamp family that looks out for one another and thoroughly respects all that he has done for us.”

Kevin’s fitness sessions have continued in the midst of a global pandemic, with him putting neighbours through their paces on the streets and also taking advantage of the wonders of modern technology to connect with his clients.


Keeping everyone in shape - Kevin Johnson’s Friday night street fitness sessions went viral

Simon added: “What sets Kevin apart from other personal trainers is he has taken a group of individuals of various ages and guided us all to levels of fitness we couldn’t have imagined.

“I am now 56 and I had all the flexibility of an ironing board and the agility of the Tin Man when I first got involved at the age of 52.

“I’m now extremely agile and strong thanks to Kevin.

“Kevin has this unique ability to make everyone feel like they are the fittest at bootcamp and nurture you to levels you couldn’t expect.”

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