BETWEEN 1980 and the mid to late 1990s, Southend indeed was one of the busiest regional freight airports.

Whilst there were many noise complaints, I feel sure they were nowhere as common as now.

Those complainants had good reason to complain when one considers the aircraft types in use, Viscount, early generation B737/727, and the awfully noisy Hercules and Electras.

By comparison, the aircraft now in use are at least 50 to 60 per cent quieter. Furthermore, they climb out much quicker.

I would far sooner listen to APUs running than diesel engines and, unfortunately, they are necessary while on a turnaround and for snag fixing. As with all aspects of progress there has to be some inconvenience.

We cannot have airport prosperity without compromise.

To quote an engineering adage “for every action, there has to be an equal or opposite reaction”.

Lose the airport, gain even more housing, or maybe a new prison, or perhaps a waste incinerator or who knows what.




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