LOCAL people’s generosity is amazing. We all recognise that we are living in difficult times.

Many people working from home, many on furlough, even more losing their jobs, shops and schools closed.

But the general public in the Southend, Castle Point, Rayleigh and Rochford districts have been amazing in their response to the hardship this pandemic has brought to some families, through no fault of their own.

The Government stand accused of not understanding the real heart and desire of the British people.

When the Government refused to ensure that children receive at least one good meal a day during the half-term break, the public, outraged, responded by going to the various cafes and restaurants that were willing to organise food parcels for kids and gave money to support it, so much so that they were able to reach many more children than they even knew were in need.

Our food bank, here at St George’s in Benfleet, and many others are being supported during this time far more than before. The need is obviously greater, but so is the response.

Please everyone, continue to consider those who are genuinely in need, particularly this Christmas, so that we may all enjoy the real reason for the season.

Parliament, take note, this is the real heart of the British people - loving, generous, giving and kind.


Rushbottom Lane, Benfleet


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