PERHAPS I would be allowed to comment on the “impressive” artist impression of the “iconic” Basildon Revised plans.

I have spent a great deal of time studying the imaginative drawing published in the Echo, but have been unable to identify any of the features of the town as it presently exists, therefore I am unable to visualise in context the true horror of the proposals.

For example, just where is St Martins and its truly “iconic” belltower?

Where is the railway line and station? Where is the Towngate Theatre?

Just where in this magical Lego block impression is the New Bus Station. Without being able to orientate the plans they are meaningless.

These proposals do not cater for the needs of Basildon born and bred youngsters but for displaced people, probably from London and therefore will lead to even greater demands for “normal” Housing to be built to cater for the needs of children born into this high rise Valhalla.

Why do the current administration not take any lessons from history? Even the modest, by these plans, Brooke House, has created problems for families incorrectly housed up to 14-storeys high. Lifts break down etc and those units cause problems for housing chiefs as they seek to find houses for desperate families.

Can I presume that councillors who are welcoming this application will be first in the queue to buy one of these flats?


Buller Road, Laindon


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