DEVELOPERS must provide cash for new schools, doctors and leafy parks if plans for 1,350 homes are agreed, demand angry residents.

Bowers Gifford and North Benfleet parish council is asking for residents’ views on the plans for new homes.

But campaigners say property firms make empty promises to help get huge proposals agreed.

Various site have been suggested including land off Pound Lane, Alpha Close, Eric Road and Old Church Road.

But resident Charlotte Robson, 45, said: “The developers will promise a doctors and school on the site but then once building is finished it will not happen.

“By then it’s too late to stop or pull them down but then existing doctors and schools have to take these people on and they are already facing oversubscription.

“If these builders do promise by signing a contract to say these two things will be on the site and then these two things tshould be on site.

“I also think it should be checked by council or surveyors and if they don’t see them doing it then stop them working.”

James Wilson, 56, said: “We need more assurances they will build doctors, schools and roads to cope with this.

“We are a small village type area and this development will cause gridlocked roads and will put additional pressure on our health and education services.

“I know we need homes and some of this demand is coming from Government, but we also need to fight for services to cope with all this.

“I bet lots of developers make these promises about infrastructure and either change it or pull it all together.

“It means the firms win with huge profits but we suffer.”

The plans are part of Basildon Council’s Local Plan which includes details of developments over the next few decades.

The parish council says cash was given from Basildon council for studies of more than 100 sites and the 1,350-homes target can be met without compromising the separate identify of the village from Basildon and South Benfleet.

There are plans for a new primary school on Pound Lane at Hall Farm and new community facilities and shops to serve the new, larger village and hopefully a doctors’ surgery.

Families can now make their voices heard online. To take part in the consultation until December 6 see