HERE come the girls...

Inspirational women in Southend are leading the charge for equality as they buck the national trend by earning more than their male counterparts.

Women have campaigned for years to see the gender pay gap in the UK cut and new Government figures show women in Southend earn £11.58 per hour –three per cent more than men.

And with the likes of Adventure Island being honoured by the Queen for helping “superwoman” employees progress and Suzanne Gloyne taking a leading role in the future of the town centre – there is no shortage of woman in top roles.

Ms Gloyne, manager of Southend Business Improvement District, said: “We have a wide range of businesses in all sectors operating in the area and so it’s good to see that there are more possibilities for everyone to have the same opportunities and same pay in our town.


Pleased - Jacqui Dallimore

“We must strive to continue to reduce the gap as having a diverse range of people at all levels within a company can only be a good thing for our community.”

Another high flyer is Jacqui Dallimore – managing director of the Roslin Beach Hotel in Thorpe Bay – which has announced plans for a major expansion.

She added: “I am delighted to hear that women in Southend have closed the gender pay gap and bucked the trend from the rest of the country.


Opportunities - Suzanne Gloyne

“Women will always play an integral part in industries. I believe that there should always be pay parity for the same job which is something we embrace.

“I cannot understand why we would undervalue women and the men in this world should remember one day that may be their wife or daughter being undervalued.”

Last month Adventure Island was honoured at the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise for promoting opportunity through social mobility.

Kennedy Cutting, 25, HR acting assistant manager, said: “What a journey it has been since I joined. I’m incredibly thankful for Stockvale for helping me get here.”