Further serious safety fears have been raised as commuters are again facing cramped and crowded trains.

Train provider c2c will be running a reduced timetable “until further notice.”

Bosses say the timetable “reflects the reduced demand” as people continue to be urged to work from home.

Now for a second day in a row workers are demanding better services and conditions, while c2c bosses blame the chaos on staff being sick and a lack of demand.


One worker said: "Here you go, day 2, worse than day 1, everyone now knows the timetable, and every train stopping at Barking it is more revenue, they don't care about our welfare. Bloody e-scooters taking up space, ignorant people. A bit blurry, but you get the gist."

c2c has responded to customers who were left frustrated as they crammed onto packed trains yesterday morning - with major concerns raised over a lack of social distancing.

But it has been revealed the reduction in service was a “necessity” because staff were self-isolating.

A spokesman said: “The new timetable we have introduced today is necessary because of the impact Coronavirus has had on the availability of our staff, particularly operational staff and drivers.

“While passenger demand has fallen by one third over the past month, we are sorry to hear some passengers have reported their trains were busier on the first morning of the new timetable.

“We will monitor how many people are on each train very closely, as we have done throughout this year, and we will make future changes where necessary and possible.”

In an earlier statement the firm said it will continue monitoring passenger numbers closely in the coming weeks.