A LANDMARK seafront hotel has been praised for its transformation over the years to become the “jewel in the Southend crown”.

The Roslin Beach Hotel, which boasts stunning views of the Thames Estuary, has become one of the finest hotels in Essex.

The hotel has undergone a series of improvements over the years and with its growth, came its reputation – an asset which Kevin Robinson, cabinet member for business, culture and tourism, says can’t be bought.

Back in 2016, the Roslin previously attempted to expand the hotel, and applied to Southend Council for ground-floor extensions to the front of the building, hoping to enlarge the existing dining area and create a residents’ lounge – all in a bid to achieve prestigious five-star status.

And with a new £9million expansion now joining the list of developments, the hotel has been lauded for its role as a key player in developing the town as a daytripper and staycation hotspot.

Mr Robinson said: “Ever since I joined the council in 2001 the hotel has grown in stature.

“It wasn’t as well-known back then as it is today, and they’ve played a key part in people coming for staycations in Southend.

“If you ask people to name a few Southend hotels, the Roslin is one of the first mentioned.”

Joan Tiney, chair of the Southend Seafront Traders’ Association, also heaped praise on hotel bosses for their commitment to the town and their outstanding vision for the future.

She said: “I’d say that the Roslin, as well as the Seven Hotel, in Clifton Terrace, are probably the best hotels we have.

“They get quite a lot of overnight stays and there are more people now than before coming overnight or for a weekend.

“It really has come a long way and has got a lot bigger. I’ve been in Southend since 1983 and remember it being just a bit on the corner, but as places became available they bought them and incorporated them into one big area.

“Now it’s quite modern. I would have thought this new project will be a big boost for the town.

“I am behind anything that will bring more people to Southend.”