A PENSIONER is furious after his £10,000 car was written off by “dodgy fuel” at a Sainsbury’s petrol garage – but says the supermarket giant only offered him £1,000 as a “goodwill gesture”.

Albert Davis, 87, needed a new engine for his car, which would cost nearly £8,000, after he claims the faulty petrol caused damage to his Hyundai i10.

His daughter, Brenda Wallace, says her son was forced to take out a loan to replace Albert’s vehicle, which he had only bought last year and had just 2,300 miles on the clock.

It comes as up to ten Sainsbury’s Rayleigh Weir customers found their cars breaking down moments after refuelling at the garage back in September, as a result of what they claimed was water in their fuel tank.

At the time, Sainsbury’s confirmed there were issues at the petrol station for two hours.

The company say they have been in touch with the majority of their customers to award compensation for any problems caused and they are working with the family to find a solution.

After being contacted by the Echo, Sainsbury's emailed Brenda to offer £1,000 as a good will gesture. 

The 66-year-old from Thundersley said: “My dad bought petrol and on the way home the car just completely conked out.

“The AA checked the receipt to make sure we’d put petrol in and not diesel, that was fine. It was towed to a nearby garage, where they drained the fuel out and confirmed it was the petrol that caused the problem where there was water in it.

“They told me it needs a new £8,000 engine, when the car is only worth maybe £10,000 or £11,000.

“We’ve now had an email from Sainsbury’s saying it’s not their fault and that it is my dad’s, but they are offering £1,000 as a goodwill gesture. We are not accepting that and want copies of their report.”

Albert relied on the car to get around due to a disability.

A Sainsbury's spokesman said: "We have made contact with the small number of customers potentially affected and in the vast majority of cases they have received compensation.”