I HAVE recently returned to Southend, having lived in Cardiff for four years. During the few months I have been at home, I have seen change and felt upheaval in these strange times.

Most upsetting since my return home, is the knowledge that my MP abstained from a vote that would provide school children with free meals during the holidays.

Not to have voted in this matter is upsetting and feels as if James Duddridge has not made an effort to prevent many children from going hungry.

Since the vote, I have written to Mr Duddridge three times and on each occasion have not heard a response, or even an acknowledgement to my e-mail.

In the hope that Mr Duddridge is reading this, I would like an answer to the following question: Despite the U-turn in policy, why did you feel it necessary to abstain from the vote and fail to represent your constituency?


Thurlow Drive, Southend


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