A SUPREMELY intelligent 12-year-old officially has a higher IQ than Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.

Aanya Gupta, from Thorpe Bay, scored the highest possible marks in the Mensa IQ test with 162 points.

This is two points higher than physicist Albert Einstein, who is believed to have had the same IQ as English physicist Professor Stephen Hawking – who scored 160.


Aanya Gupta

The 12-year-old Westcliff High School for Girls pupil, who took the test by Mensa, The High IQ Society in Colchester on October 17, is well above the “genius” level.

Aanya was the youngest contestant in the room, and her score puts her in the top one per cent of the world in terms of intelligence.

She did the test in search of a new challenge after she passed her Eleven Plus tests a few years ago, which is a set of exams that governs admissions to grammar schools.

Priyanka Gupta, 42, Aanya’s mother, said: “She said she wasn’t sure what she got, but she was happy. It’s hard for her to believe that she got full marks.

“She has always had a passion for reading and spends a lot of time with her head in books.


Aanya with her family

“She is also a passionate writer and publishes her stories and poems with ‘Young Writers’ on many occasions.

“She used to say she wanted to be a writer, then a doctor, it changes.

“She says ‘I will see where my destiny takes me’.”

In her Eleven Plus exams, she scored 100 per cent marks in maths and verbal reasoning papers in 2018.

Her father, Dr Raj Gupta, 46, is a consultant paediatrician and Neonatal Lead at Southend Hospital and her mother works as an IT consultant.

Mrs Gupta added: “We are both really ecstatic about our daughter’s achievements, we knew she was an extraordinary child since she was a toddler.”

Aanya, whose favourite author is Stephenie Meyer, is also a musician; she will be sitting her piano grade five exam soon, and is also learning to play the guitar.


Aanya has been been recognised for her writing