I wasn’t feeling well on Friday and in the end I called 111.

I was being asked questions and when I got to about the third question the man on the end of the phone said I need an ambulance.

The ambulance only took an hour to come and half an hour before it came I got a call back from 111 asking me if I had got any worse and telling me ‘I’m sorry we haven’t got to you sooner, but it’s on its way’.

The ambulance crew were amazing and checked me over.

They said I needed a blood test and to go with them in the ambulance.

I said to them I’m so scared of getting Covid I didn’t want to go to hospital. They said I wouldn’t be anywhere near the Covid section.

I went in the ambulance and, on arrival at Basildon Hospital, was amazed how well organised it was.

I didn’t once feel on edge about being too close to anyone else. I just feel they need to be praised for all they are doing.

I did say to the doctor I’m very impressed with the way you have all worked. She looked very shocked to be praised and said thank you.




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