FAMILIES fear their homes are being devalued because of flooding caused by a neighbouring housing development.

The new site by Redrow off Nethermayne, Basildon, is affecting properties in Rantree Fold, with surface water running into gardens.

Bosses at Redrow and Basildon Council say workers are dealing with the issue.

Resident Lisa Burr, 50, said: “The garden has been flooded for some time and it’s getting worse - we’ve been calling Redrow and they told us they can’t do anything.

“The water is creeping up towards the house all the time and we’re so worried about the house flooding.

“I believe they let out lots of water into a blocked ditch which doesn’t make sense.

“Everyone is so worried about this and we fear it’ll get worse when the homes are finished.

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“I think it will devalue our house and they’re taking out more trees all the time which makes it much worse.”

Elaine Christain, 58, who lives nearby said: “We are all so worried about the impact and value on our homes.

“I’ve said I do not want to live here anymore and want to move.

“We should not be losing all these trees and it would help the issue with all the water.”

Colin Livesey, technical director at Redrow Eastern, said: “Following warnings of localised flooding and extreme wet weather, we are aware the existing culvert has a higher level of run-off than usual.

“The culvert is only partially within our land boundary. We are working with partners to find a solution. As part of this, where we can gain access, groundworkers will be on site re-routing water.”

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A Basildon Council spokesman said: “The council understands that Redrow have completed works to address an issue on the Fletchers street boundary of the site that was preventing water from releasing as it should into the ditch and culvert. Redrow have also installed an additional perforated land drain to address the issue of standing water on the boundary with Rantree Fold too.

“Hopefully the works completed have resolved the problem but should the issue persist in the future then the council will investigate further.”