Nearly 150,000 people living in south Essex have now had their first Covid jab.

The latest figures released by NHS England show the number of jabs given to the over 70s based on what Clinical Commissioning Group they fall under.

CCG commission most of the hospital and community NHS services in specific areas.

The figures, which are correct as of February 16 shows the Castle Point and Rochford CCG is leading the way with vaccinating the over 70s, with 94.5 per cent having now had their first jab.

Southend CCG has so far administered the least in south Essex, but has still given a jab to nearly nine in ten pensioners.

Here is the break down of the number of over 70s who have had their first Covid jab in south Essex:

  • NHS Basildon and Brentwood CCG 32,960 (92.5%)
  • NHS Castle Point and Rochford CCG 30,567 (94.5%)
  • NHS Southend CCG 23,763 (89.9%)
  • NHS Thurrock CCG 15,720 (92.7%)

The Mid Essex CCG has the highest rate of over 70s vaccinations in the county, with 58,577 first jabs administered (97.2%).

Data for the entire mid and south Essex area meanwhile shows 105,790 people aged below 70 have had their first jab.

Other figures show:

  • A total of 58,762 people aged 70-74-year-olds have had their first jab in mid and south Essex
  • 43,662 people aged between 75 and 79 have had their first dose
  • And 59,163 people aged 80 and over have had their first jab

NHS England also says more than 11,000 people have now had their second dose of the Covid vaccine in mid and south Essex.

Around 9,300 of them have been given to the over 80s, while 2,325 have been given to people under the age of 70.

As the vaccine rollout continues across the UK, the head of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has said age should continue to be the leading factor when deciding who is next in the line for a jab.


Professor Wei Shen Lim told an online audience of doctors that age “dominates by a long way” while underlying health conditions contribute “some increased risk”, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reported that the Government is set to recommend the next phase of the UK’s vaccine programme continues on the basis of age, rather than prioritising key workers.

The JCVI has not yet published plans on who should be vaccinated beyond the top nine groups, but has faced calls for police officers and teachers to be prioritised in the next stage.

Appearing at an online event on Thursday night, Prof Lim said: “Age dominates by a long way, and almost all the underlying health conditions contribute some increased risk, but not a huge amount of increased risk.”