A woman who visited her parents day after testing positive for coronavirus has been fined. 

Essex Police said a "minority of people" had been found to not do the right thing amid the third national lockdown. 

Residents who test positive must isolate for at least ten days under Government rules.

But the 24-year-old woman was found seeing her parents four days after a positive Covid test. 

Police issued her with a fixed penalty notice. 

A spokesman said: "Visiting family members or heading to the office when you’re meant to be self-isolating puts people at serious risk.

"Sadly, there are a minority of people not doing the right thing."

Another woman has been fined by Essex Police for going back to work in Clacton before her isolation period after testing positive for Covid was up.

Essex Police say the 41-year-old did not complete her full term in quarantine, and instead decided it was a good idea to return to work.

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A spokesman for Essex Police said: "We know this is a really challenging time but we really appreciate all the efforts of the vast majority of people across Essex who are continuing to do the right thing. It really is making a difference.

"We will continue to respond to clear and blatant breaches and, where they occur, work with our partners to resolve them.

We want people to continue to report Covid-19 breaches.

"You can report them via our website by using our digital 101 service, where you can speak to one of our operators via Live Chat, any day between 7am and 11pm."