Potential explosive devices have been removed from Southend seafront after four objects were found washed up over the weekend.

Southend Coastguard says it has been called to five possible sighting of unexploded ordnance in the past three days.

Several items were found washed up near to the beach huts at Westcliff and opposite the old Esplanade pub.

The coastguard says it took photos, measurements and co-ordinates for the possible bombs before sending them off to the army’s explosive ordnance disposal team.


Experts were sent down to the scenes yesterday (Monday, March 1) to investigate further and later declared the objects were three potential fuses and one potential explosive device.

All items were removed from the seafront and have been taken to Colchester barracks where they will be safely disposed of.

The Thames Estuary was said to be used as a dumping ground for bomb loads bu aircraft which had been unable to hit its target.

Anti-aircraft firing sites were dotted along the Southend coastline, meaning shells from the guns are often found in the Estuary / mud when uncovered by weather and tides.

Some of the ordnance is also thought to come from the MOD base and testing range at Shoebury and Foulness.


After finding this latest haul of unexploded devices, a coastguard spokesman said: “All types of unexploded military ordnance can and does wash up on the shore/offshore – it comes in different shapes and sizes and isn’t always easy to spot.

“Because such ordnance, if found, can be so dangerous, if you ever see something suspicious or out of the ordinary on the beach or in the sea, do not touch it, move it or take it home.

“Let the experts decide if it is safe.

“Move to a safe space and call 999 and ask for the Coastguard so our teams can investigate.”