A GENEROUS community has rallied together to replace a bike that was cruelly stolen from a boy who had his leg amputated after a cancer battle.

Conall Riley, who will celebrate his 13th birthday on Sunday, was awarded the orange carrera vengeance bike by Halfords after learning how to ride again.

He was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer when he was just seven, and after undergoing 14 rounds of chemotherapy, the difficult decision was made to amputate as it was the “only way to save his life”.

Now, a friend of the family has raised a massive £1,600 - after setting an original target of £600 - to replace the precious bike.

His mum, Carla Riley, said the leftover money will go to replace the bikes that have recently been taken from youngsters at knifepoint.

The Echo has reported on a string of attacks in south Essex where teens have been targeted with knives for their bikes or scooters.

She said: “It has been massively overwhelming.

“A gofundme page was set up by one of my friends and three hours after it was set up, there’s over £1,600.

“We will get Conall’s bike sorted then whatever’s left will go to helping other children.”

She said: “We’re going to try to replace some of the bikes that have been taken from kids at knifepoint.

“We have decided to make something good from it.

“There are many nice people out there who want to help.

“The community stuck together when he was sick and they have helped again now.”

A keen rider from the age of four, Conall was keen to get back on a bike following his amputation.

Carla said: “It was Bikeability at the school who spent a week with him after his amputation, teaching him how to ride a bike again.

“They put him forward for a bike and Halfords awarded it to him.

“The child was born to ride.

“He is just amazing.

“He is 13 on Sunday and his whole presents were based around his bike.

“The police have been amazing. ”

The bike was stolen from the family home on Tintern Avenue, Westcliff, at around 5.20 am yesterday morning, where Carla said her back gate was "smashed in" and shed was "broken".

She added: “The people who did it ought to be ashamed of themselves.”

To donate, visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-replace-connalls-bike