A VIOLENT thug threatened to shoot police with a stun gun as well as punching a bus driver and barman in a campaign of violence.

Billy Bellfield will spend six years in jail and four on licence after a series of violent attacks including trying to stab teenage girls on a train.

The court heard Bellfield had suffered “significant traumas” in recent years including the murder of his brother, Luke, 18, in Old Leigh in February.

In addition, Bellfield’s mum is battling breast cancer and the 21-year-old was involved in a serious crash which left him with a head injury and broken leg.

The court was told Billy Bellfield threatened to hijack a bus at Rayleigh train station and punched the manager of Rayleigh’s Half Moon pub. He was dragged out before returning with a knife and threatening people. Bellfield admitted assault, threatening people with knives, criminal damage and possession of a firearm.

Mitigating, Cathryn Sutcliffe said: “While in custody his girlfriend who was pregnant had a child. He has never seen his child.

“At the end of February, a tragedy struck again. His younger brother Luke was murdered. He hasn’t been able to see his family and is unsure if he can go to the funeral.”

Bellfield also received a nine year criminal behaviour order banning him from any pub in Rayleigh between 5pm and 6am.

Jailed - Billy Bellfield attacked numerous people

Jailed - Billy Bellfield attacked numerous people

Judge Andrew Hurst said: “There was no threat to your authority. It was the driver’s bus, it was the shopkeeper’s shop, it was the barman’s pub. The police were doing their duty and the teenagers were just sitting on the train.

“You went out looking for trouble.”

His first crime on October 12, 2019 when he punch a bus driver with a knuckleduster after being challenged over his ticket.

Bellfield and three others smashed the front doors of the Half Moon pub after being ejected on February 22 last year.

Body-cam footage of the police attending, played to the court, heard one officer shout “get back, he’s got a Taser” and fired their Tasers back.

On August 2 last year, while on bail, Bellfield had approached two teen girls on a train from Southend saying “you know who I am, this is my area” before producing a kitchen knife.

The girls twisted to avoid the knife, and an off-duty special constable chased Bellfield and he was arrested.