A WIDOWER is desperately appealing for help to find his wedding ring after losing it days before he lays his wife to rest.

Ginny Fletcher’s funeral will take place in Southend today after her death in February aged 73.

Ms Fletcher’s husband, Tom Fletcher, lost his wedding ring while playing at the Garon Park Golf Club on Friday, leaving him devastated.

Mr Fletcher was wearing his gold wedding ring underneath his golf glove, and the family believes it must have slipped off at some point when he took the glove off.

Dani Hawkins, Mr Fletcher’s daughter, said he has been left distraught at the loss right just days before his wife’s funeral.

The 48-year-old said: “He took the glove off and it’s obviously somewhere along the golf course. It’s a thick wedding band.

“He searched the glove and the car, all the obvious places.

“It’s awful for anyone but the timing is the worst. It has a huge amount of sentimental value. They would have been married for 52 years this March.

“Even if he lost it when with her he would have been beside himself.”

Ginny Fletcher

Ginny Fletcher

Ginny Fletcher worked as a housing officer in Southend for most of her life, and lived in Leigh.

She had three children and two grandchildren, and lost her life following complications with cancer.

The family are due to be holding her funeral at Southend Crematorium today.

Ms Hawkins said: “She was just amazing.

“She was a housing officer, working for the council, and always helping other people. She had a long and fulfilling life, and had her grandchildren to keep her busy. She was quiet but humble person.

“To anyone that finds the ring, it would just be so amazing, it would make a really tough time for my dad much better, and bring us a ray of hope.

“It would be miraculous, but we would be eternally grateful.”

The ring is described as a traditional, thick gold ring.

Mr Fletcher was on par three of the Garon course with son-in-law Quiller Hawkins and grandson Mylo Hawkins. Anyone who finds the ring can email Quiller on q.hawkins@wildfireenergy.co.uk.

Ginny Fletcher

Ginny Fletcher