Off-duty police officers spent their precious spare time clearing up rubbish which had been dumped along a path. 

Police in Southend have shared before and after photos of the clean up operation, which took place in Old Leigh on Sunday night. 

It came after police were forced to desperse a crowd of people following reports of yet more anti social behaviour in the area. 

Police in Southend tweeted: "On Sunday night PC Watts and PC Mesher attended Old Leigh following reports of anti social behaviour. 

"The groups were dispersed but left behind a lot of rubbish.

"The officers acquired some bin bags and picked up all of the litter left behind.

"This was done in their own time."

A disperal order was issued in Leigh old Town last Tuesday - just a day after lockdown rules had eased to allow gatherings of up to six people outside. 

The 24-hour order was enforced after large groups were seen gathering. 

Witnesses said the area had been left covered in broken glass and food. 

Sara Welton, the owner of Sara's Tea Gardens in the old town, said: "It was carnage, it was so bad.

"There was broken glass everywhere. The bins are so full."