Rail enthusiasts in Southend can roll back the years by boarding a steam train bound for the south coast later this year. 

The Steam Dreams Rail Company is offering a special day out which will involve a luxurious day trip along the railway towards the Thames Estuary and then southwards to Hastings. 

Passengers will be seated in vintage train carriages and offered Pullman Style Dining, all while being pulled along by an iconic steam locomotive. 

There's also a chance to enjoy a Champagne breakfast and a two-course evening meal throughout the day. 

Passengers will get several hours to explore Hastings, including its past, beaches and "vibrant" arts community. 

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The train will be departing Southend East on Saturday, July 10, at 7.20am.  It will be collectingt passengers at Upminster at 8am, Barking at 8.15am, and Stratford (London) at 9am before building a full head of steam on its journey through the countryside and towards Hastings.

The return journey will begin at 5pm and is estimated to arrive back at Southend East at 11pm. 

Premium Standard fares start at £109 per person, whilst Pullman Style Dining fares cost £284.

It will include the Champagne breakfast on the way to Hastings and a two-course dinner during the return journey.

To book your ticket, visit the Steam Dreams website.