A MUM was held to the floor at knifepoint by two thugs and left fearing for her life ... before her dog stepped in to save the day.

The brutal attack saw her jumped and pinned to the floor for “15 minutes” by a man and a woman who demanded she handed over cash.

The incident happened at roughly 11.30pm outside the Chiltern flats, on Coleman Street, while 30-year-old Amy Edmondson was walking her dog.

She was left worrying how her nine-year-old son would grow up without a mum during the ordeal, before her dog Star bit the attacker.

Amy said: “I took my dog for a walk at around 11.30pm.

“I got approached by a man and a woman and they were asking me where Southchurch was. The woman then started saying she liked my dog.

“While I was talking to the woman the man just jumped on my back pushing me to the ground and held a knife to my throat.

“They kept saying give me your money, where’s your money, we need your money.

“I let go of my dog’s lead and she just jumped on him and started biting his leg.

“The woman ran away and then I was just left with the bloke.”

“I told him he needed to get off of me so I could get my dog off of him.”

Amy admitted she feared for the worse during the attack.

She added: “I was just thinking I’m going to die. There’s no way of getting this bloke off me.

“All I was thinking was that my son was going to grow up without a mum and my dog was going to be without me.

“I thought he’s either going to stab me and run or just run because my dog was barking.”

She’s praised Star, a Staffordshire bull terrier cross Jack Russel and pitbull for “saving her life”.

Echo: Lifesaver StarLifesaver Star

Amy said: “Without her I wouldn’t be here. She’s the most loving dog you will meet. I have never seen her like that but it just shows she was protecting me.”